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Q1. HTML tags are surrounded by which type of brackets.

Q2. In the ______________ mode, you create tables by drawing the

Q3. What type of entry will increase the normal balances of the general ledger accounts electricity expense, insurance expense, interest expense, and repairs expense?

Q4. Resources owned by a company (such as cash, accounts receivable, vehicles) are reported on the balance sheet and are referred to as?",Expense,Loss,Income,Assets,4,2 1007,74,Assets are usually reported on the balance sheet at which amount?,Cost,Current market value,Expected selling price,None of the above,1,2 1008,74,Obligations (amounts owed) are reported on the balance sheet and are referred to as?,Liabilities,Assets,Expense,Income,1,2 1009,74,Liabilities often have the word?,Obligations,Obs