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Key Feature of Hardware-Laptop Repairing Training Course
  • Professional Trainers
  • Complete Computer Hardware Repairing
  • Complete Laptop Repairing
  • Card Level/ Chip Level
  • Computer Software Repairing
  • Window Installation
  • All Software Installation
  • Mobile Software & Hardware Repairing
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Hardware & Networking Content

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Computer Hardware

  • Introduction to Computer Hardware
  • Motherboard
  • Microprocessor
  • Primary Memory (RAM)
  • Hard Disk Drive Management
  • Power Supply (SMPS)

Computer Hardware-part2

  • Pen Drive & Flash Memory
  • Printer and Scanner
  • I/O ports and Cables
  • Assembling/Disassembling of PC
  • BIOS/CMOS Settings

Computer Hardware-part3

  • Operating System Essentials (Windows 7/8)
  • Working with Antivirus
  • PC Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Laptop Presentation

Network Essentials

  • Computer Network Overview
  • Transmission Media
  • OSI Model
  • IP Addressing &Subnetting
  • Internetworking Devices

Network Essentials-part2

  • TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  • Structured Cabling
  • Network Clients/Servers
  • Wireless Networking
  • Remote Access Technologies


  • Computer Network Overview
  • Transmission Media
  • OSI Model
  • IP Addressing &Subnetting
  • Internetworking Devices
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Best Computer Hardware Repairing Institute in Delhi

Arth is a top computer hardware repairing institute in delhi. Our Hardware repairing course is a two stage process card level & chip level. In card level repairing you will learn about the components of computer, assembling, troubleshooting, software installation, data recovery and in chip level repairing you learns how to repair the faulty motherboard, hard disk and other computer parts.

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Top Computer Hardware Repairing Institute ! Why ?

If you wants to get job and not so interesting in study long hours then that course will surely help you. Our experience professional trainer will make you perfect in card level and chip level error detection. As our hardware course is specially designed which make you expert in all computer related issues in all machines desktop and laptop. which makes Arth separate from other institute offering the same course and make us premium institute of computer hardware repairing.

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Hardware Course Highlights

For Us You are

A person who want to do that course for completely job purpose or for make ourself capable to handle our own computers.

Course Duration

3 Months / 10 Months / 20 Months

After Course Completion

After completing this Hardware Course you will become expert computer hardware repairing Engineering of desktop and laptop computers.

Course Content

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Class Mode

Alternate (MWF/TTS).

Course Placement

Your academic qualification ,the quality of your knowledge and your communication skill will decide your placement. However you will get complete help in every step until you get a nice job.