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Key Feature of FCIT Training Course
  • IT Tools and Business System
  • Programming & Problem Solving Through 'C' Language
  • Internet Technology & Web Design
  • Application of .Net Technology
  • Introduction to ICT Resources
  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • Professional Trainers
  • Flexible Timing
  • Short Batches
  • 100% Placement Assistance
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FCIT Content

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IT Tools and Basics of Networks

  • Introduction to Computer
  • Introduction to Operating System
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Presentation
  • Introduction to Internet and WWW
  • E-mail, Social Networking and e-Governance Services
  • Digital Financial Tools and Application
  • Overview of FutureSkills & Cyber Security

Web Designing & Publishing

  • Introduction to Web Design
  • Editors
  • HTML Basics
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • CSS Framework
  • Javscript and Angular Js I
  • Photo Editor
  • Web Publishing and Browsing

Programming and Problem Solving Through Python

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Algorithm and Flowcharts to solve problems
  • Introduction to Python
  • Operators, Expressions and Python Statements
  • Sequence data types
  • Functions
  • File Processing
  • Modules
  • NumPy Basics

Internet of Things and its Applications

  • Introduction to IoT ?Applications/ devices, protocols, communication model
  • Things and Connections
  • Sensors, Actuators and Microcontrollers
  • Building IoT Applications
  • Security and Future of IoT Ecosystem
  • Soft skillsPersonality Development

Introduction to ICT Resources

  • PC Assembling
  • Miscellaneous Utilities
  • Network Concepts
  • Network Administration

Introduction to Multimedia

  • Computer Fonts & Hypertext
  • Audio Fundamentals & Representations
  • Image Fundamentals & Representations
  • Video & Animation
  • Multimedia Authoring
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FCIT | DOEACC O Level Government Diploma

Arth is a best Doeacc o'level institute in delhi. Arth's FCIT course is a diploma training program in which you learn all the module of Doeacc O'Level course, which is a well-recognized government course that provides certification in the field of Information Technology (IT). This course will impart you proper understanding of all IT streams like Software, Hardware, Multimedia after that you will be able to choose your career path easily. At the end if you don't wish to move for advanced studies in IT fields then the DOEACC O'level diploma is enough to boost your possibility of getting good government job.

The O Level govt. course gives knowledge in the operational and programming parts of computers to the students. FCIT course is expected to allow information of new patterns in the IT world with different zones, for example, Windows, Visual Basic, Networking, Internet and Web Page Designing, Client Server and so on.

On the successful completion of FCIT course training, student will be well-proficient in the programming language tools /Web Development universal in the industry.

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Top Computer institute of FCIT O Level course ! Why ?

In FCIT course, our expert faculties train you not only for IT but also prepare you for interview through separate personality development program and English speaking programs. Take our first step towards software engineering and get a good job. PD/GD classes, Specialized Faculties, special attention to the weaker students and our promises for all the student take us to the top institute of Doeacc o'level in Delhi.

Aim of this course is to offer overview of IT tools which are used in our daily use of computers and data base operations. This proficient govt. Course has been designed specially to give knowledge on several computers hardware and software components, operating system, numerous packages used for many applications, data base concepts & operations and several problems related to IT and its application.

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FCIT O Level Course Highlights

For Us You are

A student who want's to learn computer which have no computer background.

Course Duration

12 Months.

After Course Completion

After completing this FCIT Course you will know all IT streams (Software, Hardware, Multimedia) and now you are ready to move for your specialization.

Course Project

At the end of this course you will create a C Language base project under the guidance of our professional FCIT Course Faculty. That project can be submitted to your Doeacc O Level course.

Class Mode

Regular & Alternate (As per module)

Course Placement

After completing this FCIT | Doeacc O Level course you will acquire very fine knowledge of IT and with the help of our english training and personality development session you will become eligible for a fine job. You will get complete help in ever