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Can I Speak English Fluently in 3 Months?

Many people and institutes claim to make students fluent in English in 3 months. It sounds like a joke which is indigestible. Why am I saying so? Can it really hard to learn English and becoming fluent over it? Then my answer would be 'NO' because "Nothing is impossible" in fact 'impossible' word says I' m possible. But it doesn't mean that you're going to be perfect in everything without struggling and practicing because 'Practice Makes Man Perfect' and here we are discussing the stage of fluency which is equivalent to the level of perfection. This ultimately means that Fluently = Perfect.

We know well that for holding perfection in any field we need strong history of practice. There is not another way to be perfect except hard work. If you take example of any successful personality then you will find his/her struggle life.

speak english fluently

Well, let's move to the solution of this trouble then I would like to suggest to all English lovers that how can you become fluent while speaking English? So, you will have to follow your craze of learning and speaking English fluently. English lover would need to maintain his/her regular practice. Guys, let me tell you one thing more which is very important that you should have good guidance while learning English and excellent format of Spoken English: begin to end.

Although, one can be fluent in short duration of 3 months if he knows how to speak but not fluent then he can catch fluency within 3 months and there is no doubt. But in case of beginners it is very hard. According to me it's YES in case of learning English in 3 months and can speak too but when we peep towards fluency then it is not good. We should always be practical and in practical life, we know well.

How To Speak English

Thinking about Speaking English is quite complicated. Almost every English learner suffers from this common and irritating problem. As we know a common and universal solution is Practice. But what could be the other ways to improve Spoken English? I would like to tell you, there is no other method to enhance your speaking skills, but don't worry I'm going to tell you the steps and activities which can help you ultimately in developing your speaking English.

  • Read loudly
  • Listen English Songs
  • Write Diary
  • Make your social media in English
  • Chat in English
  • Talk to yourself in English
  • Try to see every sentence to be translated in English

These above steps or activities are very useful in building individual's spoken English.