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How to Become Computer Hardware Engineer?

For becoming a Computer Hardware Engineer, one should have good knowledge of computer's hardware. Good fundamental knowledge is the major challenge in the designation of Computer Hardware Engineer because conditions and problems are always not same.

But let's move to the procedure of becoming Computer Hardware Engineer...........

We will discuss here some basic eligibility criteria:-

Age - Not specified
Minimum Academic Qualification - 10th from recognized board of education
Highest Academic Qualification - Phd in Computer science
Gender - Male and Female
Skill - Good knowledge of Computer's Hardware
Religion - No matter

computer hardware engineer

Let me explain you above criteria one by one to be more precise about them.

In the criterion of Age, Not Specified is mentioned because I believe that there is no age of learning computer but person will be able to do job as Computer Hardware Engineer only after age of 14.

Then we talk about the qualification one should complete 12th class by recognized board of education with any stream but if you want to go for further studies in Computer Hardware then student must clear his/her 12th standard with science PCM. So, move to the higher qualifications, students can do B.Tech in Computer science and then they can go for Master's degree and at last student can be specialized in that by getting degree of Phd.

But for other stream students, they can do Diploma course in Computer Hardware from any good and reputed Institute of Computer Hardware.Or if any student completes his/her 10th class then yet he/she can become Computer Hardware engineer by doing course from any institute or by ITI.

Although, there is no specific academic qualification is required to become computer hardware engineer, any skilled person can hold the designation of Computer hardware engineer and this is the beauty of this designation.

Now, go to Gender requirement in Computer Hardware Engineering which is both male and female because there is no gender specialization in this post but mostly boys/ male go to this field.

Religion doesn't matter for any post because talent speaks on the behalf of person and moreover in India, we have right of equality.

Anyhow, one should hold good command over Computer Hardware to get this post.

Career Opportunities In computer Hardware

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  • Computer and Information Research Scientists
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Computer Network Architects
  • Computer Programmers
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers