Python is a programming language which is generally used for developing website, web applications and GUI application for desktop. Python can be easily learned independently as it is considered and known as very simple/easy programming language than others programming languages.

Although, python is an easy language but you can make it more easy if you first go with C, C++, JAVA or ruby programming language. There is no such requirement of any other language to learn python.

You can easily learn python form a reputed and best programming institute which is specialized in python training.

Python programming language contains so many topics to study and understand, you can check them all here.

how to learn python

What makes Python easy?

As you have understood about python and pre-programming language requirement, but what is that thing which makes it different from others. Python is basically using very easy terms, it doesn't require putting variables and value consequently. It doesn't use brackets{} which reduces a good amount of chances of mistakes in code.

There are some major points of python ease: -

  • Understandable and Workable Code
  • Various Programming Patterns
  • Implement Test Driven Development
  • Well-suited with Major Stages and Systems
  • Strong Standard Library
  • Numerous Open Source Tools and Frameworks
  • Simplify Compound Software Development